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Large   Scale  Art

HAZE Studios is renowned for its exceptional large-scale art projects, a testament to the fusion of innovation and artistic expression. These monumental installations redefine conventional boundaries, captivating audiences and transforming spaces.

Our large-scale art projects are more than mere creations; they are immersive experiences that transport viewers to new realms of imagination. Each project is a symphony of creativity, meticulous craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. We push the boundaries of what's possible, using a diverse range of mediums that include acrylic, aluminum, wood, light, and digital elements.


Chicago > Minneapolis > San Diego 

Quantum Mirror 

Quantum Mirror is a meditation on modern human consciousness. Its structure is a reflection of self perception, using light and sound to visualize how human consciousness has become enlightened by the digital, existing in an infinity of states at the same time.

Speaking to humanity's deep entanglement with technology, the sculpture lays inactive without its virtual core, in the same way that modern consciousness would be paralyzed without virtual connection - representing how everyday human life has crossed over to become a spectrum between raw humanity and cyborg consciousness. Quantum Mirror proposes that our sense of self is prismatic, infinite and cloud-like, our many selves can be everywhere now, but not without the screens we hold with such conviction.


Chicago > Minneapolis > San Diego 

Hyper Mirror

Virtual technology has augmented our consciousness in a broader and deeper sense than anything our ancestors could have imagined, but it causes us to dissociate from our physical bodies, losing ourselves in the screens we use to experience these digital realms.

Mirrors, on the other hand, give us feedback on who we are and what we are experiencing. They reaffirm our sense of self and ground us in our own bodies. Mirrors are harmonious with any environment because they give back all of the light they receive. Screens are able to portray any fiction, but mirrors can only tell the truth.

By combining a mirror with a screen, and placing it in an infinity room, Hyper Mirror offers a place to ground the human body in the digital world. Giving light to our physical and digital forms together suggests that we can be both human and avatar, that our consciousness is real in both realms, and that we are as infinite as the metaverse.


Cosmic Breath

Inspired on the comet Neowise as it darted across our sky, Cosmic Breath is meant to remind climbers to reach higher than the skies in their pursuit for the next highest point.

Brooklyn Boulders Chicago


Bodies of Water

The Canopy at 900 N Michigan - Chicago

“Bodies of Water” is an artwork that invites viewers to contemplate the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. Through the depiction of colossal figures peacefully sleeping on a vast expanse of islands, the artwork juxtaposes the transience of human existence against the enduring magnitude of nature. “Bodies of Water” encourages introspection and a sense of awe as viewers witness these titans sharing space peacefully with islands.

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