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Concept Design

Welcome to HAZE Studios' Concept Design Services, where imagination takes flight. Our passion lies in crafting visionary concepts that breathe life into art, installations, and immersive experiences. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we invite you to explore a world where creativity knows no bounds. Discover how our concept design expertise can transform your vision into reality.


Internal Concept

Furniture Designs

As an excercise we asked ourselves, what does HAZE furniture look like? this is what came up during our round of sketching :)


Internal Concept

Hannibal Buress Stage concepts

Hannibal Buress approached us to design his stage lighting, layout, and production for his show at the Chicago Theatre on Nov 2nd 2023. Here you will find the images we created during that process


Fat Tiger Store

Fat Tiger approached Zac to create a whole interior design for their store during 2018, here you will find concepts and renders for that project

Chicago est 2018


HAZE museum

Space Concept

Have you ever wondered, what is the ideal place to show your art?

We were too, so we just created it. 🤓

Flip through to see the HAZE museum and some of the sketches for future sculptures we’ve been working on behind the scenes :)

Would you go here if it was real??

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