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We are HAZE. 

an artistic collaboration between Zac Hall and Adrian Stein, together we create large scale immersive sculptures that push the boundaries between digital and physical art. Our work explores what it means to be alive in a time of increasing entanglement between human and machine consciousness. 


We began experimenting with immersive mirror installations in the Chicago warehouse art scene in 2017. These endeavors led to our major breakthrough, Quantum Mirror, which set us off on a path to explore a new definition of art. 

Meet the team:

Adrian Stein  

CEO > Artist > Lead 3D Design 

Born in Guatemala, Adrian “Looney” Stein is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the boundary between real and virtual through immersive installation, augmented reality, and digital art. Stein’s impactful works offer a new dimension for self perception and create a space for viewers to question the nature of being human.

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Zac Hall 

CEO > Artist > Lead Curator

Zac Hall is an installation artist and experiential designer whose work expresses itself in media ranging from flowers to stages to interiors to film sets. Hall’s installations have put the spotlight on artists such as Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Wyclef Jean, and have captivated audiences on platforms such as the Late Late show, ABC 7, and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Previous Work:

Our Clients

Chance The Rapper

Hannibal Burress 

Sara Shakeel 

Martin Garrix


Red Bull

Foot Locker




Rolling Stone

900 N Michigan Ave 


Canvas SubChroma: Stage design with Lefty Out There: February 2016
Two Queens in a Kitchen: Production Design: July 2016
Canvas Voyager NYE stage design: December 2017
Two Queens in a Kitchenn Season 2: Production Design: July 2017
Canvas Voyager NYE Immersive installation December 2018
Rolling Stone 50th Anniversary Party: Art Installation: Art Basel 2018
Illuminate: July 2019
Chance the Rapper, The Big Day Album Release: July 2019
Superlegit stage design: April 2019
Adidas Fat Tiger Store Jan 2020
NBA All Star Weekend event with lululemon: Feb 2020
Installation at Garfield Park Conservatory: Feb 2020
Quantum Mirror: Art Installation: ArtSpace 8 Chicago, April 2021
Into the Mirror: Art Installation: lululemon: July 2022
HyperMirror: Collaboration with Daniel Arsham: December 2022
Quantum Mirror: Permanent installation at WNDR SD: Feb2023
Saudi Cup Installation w Sara Shakeel: March 2023
Hyper Mirror: Permanent installation at WNDR Seattle: April 2023
The Canopy at 900: Content creation and curation: March 2022- Present

2016 / Emerging Artists Award / Artistic Visionaries Association

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